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Moving Day

Boston College…All of the Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors can start moving in today (yesterday as I am writing this).

We carried lots of boxes, but looking around, Michael doesn’t have near the amount of stuff a lot of students have.  It didn’t take us long.  The biggest problem was traffic and parking because of so many students trying to move in to the dorms.  Probably 6000 to 7000 students will move in Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, so it is crowded.  I bet the Campus Police will be glad when this weekend is over!

Michael’s dorm, front entrance…

Making decisions…

All moved in…

Have a good year!

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Have you ever moved with your family?  It is a lot of work!  We have been organizing the things Michael left here after last school year, and, after I emptied all the Budget Blinds stuff, today we packed them into the van.

<b>Moving</b> Out <b>cartoons</b>, <b>Moving</b> Out <b>cartoon</b>, funny, <b>Moving</b> Out picture ...

We have been able to enjoy some of our favorite foods…

the best pizza in the world…

the best subs in the world…

and the best seafood in the world!

Fish & Scallop Plate - Picture of Kelly's Roast Beef, Natick

Kelly’s Fried Clam Plate!  (They look NOTHING like those “clam strips” you get at Red Lobster!)

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Ho, Hum…

Today is a lot less exciting…we are helping Michael organize his stuff, and going to visit family…

It is much different from Pueblo here, lots and lots of trees.  Gardens and lawns usually have plenty of water- almost no one has an in-the-ground sprinkler system.  More rain, more snow, but they are not in a desert!

My sister’s back yard

The street out front

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Into the Northeast

We left Columbus early, and motored through northeastern Ohio along Interstates 71 and 271 past Cleveland.

After driving several hours this morning, we left the corn and bean fields of Ohio, and entered the Northeast on Interstate 90 in northwestern Pennsylvania.  We glimpsed Lake Erie on the horizon from the highway, and it looked like an ocean!

As you can see, the views have changed from the Midwest, and the crops are also different.  From corn and beans, this part of the country grows mostly hay and grapes.  The hay is for the farm animals, and the grapes are for wine.  Americans think of California for grapes and wine, but many would be surprised to see how extensive this crop is in the Northeast!

Traveling on Interstate 90 in Pennsylvania and New York…

We are in the valley of the Mohawk River in upstate New York.  When most people from Colorado hear the words “New York”, they think of the Manhattan Skyline.  Did you?

This is NOT the New York we are experiencing today!

This IS

Beautiful forested areas along the highway,

Interstate 90, past Albany, and into Massachusetts.

After a couple of more hours driving, we were safely ensconced in my sister’s home in Burlington, Massachusetts, ready for the next part of our adventure- shopping for dorm room necessities!

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The Midwest

I have often joked that the only thing that changes in the scenery from Denver to Erie, Pennsylvania is the crops.  Funny, but only a little truth.  All jokes must have a kernel of truth to them.  Otherwise no one will lend an ear.  I should crop this discussion short and move on to another field.

We encountered a little misty rain for an hour or so this morning, but otherwise it was a beautiful, cool, summer day in the Midwest.

Beginning in Kansas City, Kansas, we traveled across Missouri (,

Illinois (,

Indiana (,

and halfway through Ohio ( to Columbus, the capital, today.  We did pass many different sites besides the corn and beans.

Such as the great rivers- the Missouri…

…and the mighty Mississippi…

We ended the day in Columbus, Ohio- a long trek, but we are getting there!

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Off To Boston

Leaving early Saturday morning, we crossed two hours of all too familiar territory, heading up I 25, then fighting traffic and traffic lights in Colorado Springs on U.S. Route 24 East.  The sprawl of Colorado Springs is aggressively evident on U.S. 24, especially noticeable if you have traveled that road once a year for the past twenty-five years! Where we used to spot pronghorn grazing in fields, we now spy herds of automobiles lined up, waiting for red lights to change their hue!  Is it progress?  Each of us will have to decide for ourselves.

It was windy in Kansas, but, aside from that, much like the day last year, so I am amending last year’s post!

We rolled through Eastern Colorado ( and Kansas ( most of the day, intending to spend our first night in Kansas City, and looking forward to some GOOD barbeque! We found it at Fiorella’s Jack Stack Barbeque.  Fantastic food!  The next time you are in KC…

Baby Back Ribs, My meal!

Burnt End Combo

Mrs. Zschokke’s burnt ends!

Fiorella's Jack Stack Barbecue - Overland Park, KS, United States. Grilled chicken salad

Michael’s salad!  and…what Michael has noted as the BEST SIDE DISH EVER…ANYWHERE!…

Cheesy Corn Bake!!!

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Tom Brady vs. Joe Montana: Not So Difficult Anymore

Tom Brady vs. Joe Montana: Not So Difficult Anymore.

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The Final Day

Today was spent finalizing Michael’s room, buying and renting textbooks for his classes, and wandering some of the interesting buildings on campus.  This is one of the libraries…



The main library has a neat touch screen directory.  Mrs. Zschokke played with it for a long while!


Some day you will understand.  Some day you will say “goodbye” to a child of yours as they enter college, go into the service, or, in some other manner, leave your home and go to live somewhere else.  I am excited for Michael, but saddened for me.  I will miss him.  IMG_0310





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More Meetings????


Yup!  Today was factual info about life and safety on campus, some emotional issues, some very detaied, but all very necessary.  We ended the day with the students, and watched a video put together by the leaders of the orientation, that showed the stuff the students were doing in their meetings, as well as some of the fun games they played late into the nights, like dodgeball, and a dance contest.  I didn’t get any pictures of those activities!

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Boston College, Day 2

The parents are learning a lot!  We received presentations on meal programs, health programs, residential programs, and basically, “You have raised them well, let them be, relax.”


We had a great discussion at lunch about vaious issues in our country- it was just like being back in college!  At our table was the priest who was in charge of the entire orientation, who lectures in philosophy and developmental psychology, and parents of students from: Massacusetts, Colorado, Missouri, Minnesota, Hong Kong, Portladn, Oregon, and Ireland!  It was quite lively and exciting.  We were the first to sit down at lunch, as well as the last to leave!

Michael’s Residence Hall


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